The following is a colour substitute of the printed B&W image appearing in the official research journal of the South African National Parks for enhanced viewing purposes
(Meyer, Braack & Biggs 2000):

Fig. 1. Distribution and abundance of active Cubitermes Wasmann mounds, overlaid on landscapes of the northern Kruger National Park (based on transect plots). (The bigger the discs, the larger the depicted abundance; especially note highly clumped densities in zones 31 and 32; paired filled and unfilled circles denote transects.)


MEYER, V.W., L.E.O. BRAACK and H.C. BIGGS. 2000. Distribution and density of Cubitermes Wasmann
    (Isoptera: Termitidae) mounds in the northern Kruger National Park. Koedoe 43(1): 5765.

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