Scientist's Prayer

He made the fluffy atmosphere and we will finally see Him face to face

Lord, we know that you as our Creator have chosen to reveal to mankind, partly through the study of the biological and physical sciences, limited insight into the processes and the world you have created. Lord, we also know that due to our sinful natures, mankind has taken this information you have so graciously revealed and used it to elevate our intellectual pride rather than glorify you. Lord, so we may be humbled before you, we ask that you direct our research to reveal information that may be used to glorify you as our Creator. We specifically pray that this information will influence those trained in the sciences and scientific method to come to realize and accept the inerrancy of your written word and the saving grace you offer to all. Though this is our specific prayer, we ask that your will be done in everything that we do. Amen.

Anonymous author quoted by Dr John D Morris (President: ICR), February 2000

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