The photos below are still frames retrieved from a short film by TELE IMAGES NATURE depicting Macrotermes natalensis behaviour, which was part of a series of natural phenomena relating to man. The termite mound opened and filmed was explained by me as consulting scientist for the film The Nature of Champions that was broadcast in France in 2000.

The greater Termite Project (19942001) was led by myself, and we have published the last scientific data. Most issues were biological with structural reference to mound size and volume, and geomorphological reference to preferred substrate and habitat (see

Watch Part 1 on YouTube ENLARGE French architects

The Weather Network

ENLARGE '98 World Cup Soccer Stadium, Stade de France



ENLARGE Idealistic mound interior


ENLARGE Tube experiment

ENLARGE Foraging

ENLARGE Interface

ENLARGE Bait consumption

Watch Part 2 on YouTube ENLARGE Fungus comb


ENLARGE Shelving

ENLARGE Queen in exposed royal chamber


ENLARGE Primary king

ENLARGE Primary queen
The triangular wing stumps are indicative of the founding pair

ENLARGE Egg factory!

ENLARGE Egg deposition

ENLARGE Soil deposition

ENLARGE Soil pellet

ENLARGE Thermoregulation in mines


ENLARGE Johannesburg

From: La Nature des Champions
Still frames retrieved by Niel Rossouw
Film directed by Frédéric Lepage

Footage courtesy of Tele Images International

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