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Judaic Lineage of Royal Britain – a Critique of Milner

It appears that Rev. Milner neglected to provide credible evidence on certain aspects for illustrating Judaic origin of the Royal House of Britain as first proposed (controversially so) by Rev. Glover in the nineteenth century. I find it strange that such extensive work could be verified by Milner within a fortnight spent at one institution (British Museum Library). Milner made use of Sicambrian (Sicilian-Welsh), Frankish (Gaulish-Dutch-German), Norman (French), Norse (Viking-Scandinavian), Saxon (literally ‘Son of Isaac’), Byzantine (Greek-Orthodox), Saracen (Arabic), Guelphic (Italian-Bavarian), Spanish, Hungarian and Russian lines to show Judaic descent for Royal Britain.

According to Milner, ‘the tale of Troy brings Judah into touch with every period of our Royal History.’ Prince Æneas of Troy (ending somewhat after 1250 BC) is alleged to be the ancestor of ancient British rulers (classical mythology). It is not known for sure whether King Arthur (used in the genealogy) actually existed in the 500s (AD), and thus his inclusion in the lineage raises further suspicion.

Roger the Saracen married Bradament (ca. 780 AD) who consulted a medium called Melissa in Merlin’s Cave. In a vision all Bradament’s prominent descendants in history were ‘revealed’. However, spiritism is forbidden in Scripture (Lev. 20: 27; Deut. 18: 10, 11; 1 Chron. 10: 13; Isa. 8: 19) and one cannot consider such exposé to be trustworthy (Zech. 10: 2). Moreover, to Milner’s admission, Ariosto who first documented this ‘treats us to what seems a poetic speculation, but – one never knows’!

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